Why do we need to ‘Daily Improvement’?

Photo by Zyra C. – San Fransisco 2017 from the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Why do we need to improve daily?
  • Why do we need to improve at all?

These are the 2 Questions to ask ourselves. Much like the City of San Fransisco, California (pictured above), there are constant changes that need to be applied towards the goal, in order to be whoever/wherever we want to be. The big city improves everyday to be better for those living in the city. Although it’s well known and it has grown to the city we know it to be today, there is still a lot of work and it is far from perfect.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, But They Were Laying Bricks Every Hour.

John Heywoood

I am sure you’ve heard that quote somewhere, but I bet you didn’t know who said it. If you did, well then great job! It’s useful information that you can use to look (and be) smarter in front of your friends! There is of course, a deep meaning to that quote. The saying comes from the idea that you can’t make yourself into the person you want to be in a single day. Since the world and society is changing everyday, we need to change also (and for the better, as a matter of fact).

Now what ARE the reasons we need ‘Daily Improvement’? Here are 3 of them…

1) There is always room for improvement!

There is nobody who ever said, “I don’t need to improve”. Even the most successful people in this world still read to gain knowledge. If they are not reading, then they are improving either their business or themselves. There is no perfect human being on this planet, no matter how beautiful or handsome your girlfriend or boyfriend is! It definitely does not hurt to be a better person. If you are a better person, then everyone you know will only benefit on that fact and more people will grow to like you!

Being the “best version of yourself” is also a popular phrase that is in-line with the point I am trying to get across. Many motivational speakers has talked about being the ‘best version of yourself’ as their main focal point of motivation. They clearly show the listeners that they (at the moment), are not good enough for themselves. You are not as good as you can be, be more blunt, you can do better.

2) It will take constant work to be a better person!

Notice how it says, “Daily Dose”. Daily doses are essential to work toward ANY goal yearning to be reached. As an example, let’s use the idea of body building. Now, I am not a body builder, nor do I have the knowledge of a doctor. However, I am sure that it will take constant work to be a body builder. If you worked out once a week, you would be nowhere near a body builder. Like the quote mentioned earlier, it will take multiple days of improvement.

Credit goes to BodyBuilding.com

As you can see, there are 2 rest days for this specific training. Of course, it’s physical work on your body so rest days are needed. Moreover, this example serves as an example ONLY, and there are no real, direct correlation between the two! The point is that if you want something, then you shouldn’t procrastinate. The more effort you put into being a better person, the faster it will come and the better off you will be. Trying to improve once a week is a great start as it is better than nothing, but everyday trying to improve is surely better!

3. You will find yourself more satisfied!

Yes! You will be more satisfied with yourself. Have you ever done something good, and then felt good after? I sure hope so. If not, take my word for it, it feels amazing to do something good. As humans, we want to be happy because its a great feeling in our bodies. When you help someone on something as simple as holding the door open, and they say “Thank You”, normally that brings a natural smile to your face. You feel good that you helped them, and you end up feeling better that you did something good! Although some may not fully agree to this popular quote, there’s a solid reason why it’s popular. It is, “Giving is better than receiving”. This is popular because it rings true to most folks.

Read this article below. It’s a study on how 2 researchers found out through science, that ‘giving’, made people more happy than ‘receiving’. https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_to_make_giving_feel_good

Happiness is something everyone wants. Although there are many different opinions on ‘How to be Happy’, it’s no secret that

Improvement breeds satisfaction, and satisfaction breeds happiness.


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