Improving your body is a lot easier than you think!

Not click-bait. Yes, it is a lot easier thank you think. I won’t give you a book to buy, or make you sign up for anything. Getting the body you want is simple, and a lot easier than you think.

Disclaimer! I am not a gym rat or a nutrition guru. What I am telling you is based off my experience from myself and others, and knowledge Ive learned throughout the years.

Okay enough of all that, let’s get down to it.

1) Calorie counting is key!

Disregard anybody who says you don’t need to count calories. That is true to some extent, yet not entirely true. I’ve mentioned in one of my early articles, that calories play an important role in weight changes.

The average amount of calories you burn in one day is around 1,800. Of course, it depends what you do, and how active you are.

p.s. : The more you sweat, does not mean you are burning more calories.

By simply eating (or drinking) calories well below 1800, then you will lose weight! Im an active young male, so I burn about 2200 calories naturally in my day, without going to the gym.

I estimate calories throughout the day. For breakfast, I drink coffee with 2 creamers and I round that to 20 calories. Throughout the day, I count calories and I make sure I don’t go past a 2000 caloric intake. By doing so I avoid gaining any weight.

Here is the bottom line: If you eat/drink more calories than you burn, then you will gain weight. Vise Versa, if you eat/drink less calories than you burn, then you will lose weight.

Use this link to find how much you burn naturally in a day’s work!

2) Tone your body.

Now, I just mentioned that the trick to losing weight is in the calories. But this is hard to some people. Sometimes, it’s hard or too much work to estimate calories. What will definitely help, is moderate exercise. Walking around the block 2 times a week is the minimum of what you need to do. Something that will get your body moving is all that is needed. Yes, that means you don’t need a gym membership!

If, however, you want to get a toned or buff body, then weights will help. But that still doesn’t mean you need a gym membership. Calisthenics is the practice of exercising with the weight of your own body. a.k.a.; Push ups, Pull ups, Bench dips, etc. Almost every park around you, will have the outdoor gym, and it works! I’ve done calisthenics in the recent past, and I was extremely satisfied with my body in that time period. By doing this practice, you will not only gain muscle, but you will still be flexible. Most people that get buff, lose their flexibility because they do strictly weights. By doing body exercises, you will be better off!

Don’t let the stereotype affect you. You don’t need the gym to get the body you want…

3) Nutrition!

Nutrition is also important. Our bodies need the vitamins and fuel to keep going. Important vitamins are found in all fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget the meats too! Protein is also extremely important in muscle growth. The amount of nutrition our bodies need cannot be explained well enough in a small article. The picture below is a great way to paint the picture in your head about what we need as humans to be healthy and clean physically.

Here is an example to help: Imagine your car. Your car needs gas. There is gas that is rich in nutrients that will help the car perform better. Then there is gas that has mud and all sorts of junk inside. Obviously, a smart car owner would put in the clean gas right? There is no need for the unclean and dirty fuel. Same with our bodies. We need to fuel our bodies with foods that are rich in vitamins, so that we can perform better and be in tip top shape.

4) Don’t give up!

Cliche, I know. But it is true. Whatever route you choose to get the body you want, you cannot give up. Nobody gets what they want in a snap of a finger (except Thanos in the MCU). You have to work to get what you want especially when it comes to physical goals. Admittedly, it will be easier for some people to get to their goal because of their body type. But don’t worry, because anybody can get the body they want with determination and consistency.


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