How to be more Patient!

It’s hard to be patient in this world where everybody (including myself), wants everything done with a push of a button. In the not so distant future, we can have whatever we want with little effort. But why should we be more patient?

Well the simple answer is because we still have to wait for certain things. We can call as many Ubers or Lyfts as we want, but we still need to wait for other stuff. We can’t get money with a press of a button, nor a family, knowledge, or even a better body. Those are some things we have to wait for, in life.

Mind Over Matter

Your thinking plays a big part in this. Don’t keep thinking about how you don’t have something. Put your head in the game and start realizing you can’t get what you want right away. Many things take time, which is why you always hear how time in important. The sooner you accept that it will take time, the easier the situation is!

Keep yourself busy

You WILL get to your goal much quicker if you keep yourself busy. Anything can keep you busy while you wait. It could be a video game that will take multiple days to complete. Or it can even be something smaller, more simple. Whenever I am bored, I like to look at my surroundings and notice the small details. I get lost in thought and start thinking about who thought of that, who manufactured it also! Try it out next time you’re bored out of your mind.

You may need to be patient for hours, or you may need to be patient for days. It depends what you are waiting for and when it is. Whatever the case, Constantly keep yourself busy.

Don’t think about it

This goes hand in hand with the first topic, but in a slightly different way. If you simply do not think about it then you won’t even notice what you are waiting for. It’s sort of a mixture of the two reasons mentioned above. Do whatever you can to not think about its, and then watch time fly!

Do something about it!

Last but not least, Do Something About It! Depending on what you need to be patient for, you have the ability to do something about it. If you need to be patient about something you want to buy, then you can do a small side income that will propel you to the goal. If you’re waiting for something that you can’t do anything about then ignore this reason 🙂


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