What’s the deal with Work Ethic?

Not a lot of people like their job. What I mean by that is, 85% of people in the United States of America hate their job (factually correct). The USA is actually, one of the most stressed countries in the world. However, this problem isn’t exclusively in the United States. It’s a universal norm to be stressed out and hate your job (or school). In this article, we will go over not only ‘Why’ you should improve your work ethic, but ‘How’ to do it also.

I want to mention that this article can apply to students as well.

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What isWork Ethic“?

Let’s be clear on what this actually means. And there’s a reason I didn’t quote the definition from the dictionary, and that’s because Wikipedia says it more simple. The definition is this:

A set of values centered on importance of work and manifested by determination or desire to work hard


If you have good work ethic, then you will understand that your job is important, and therefore, you will become filled with determination and the drive to work harder. On the other hand, bad work ethic is when you don’t take your job as serious as you probably should. As a result, you are lazy and don’t do the best job you can, because you are not determined.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move on!

Why should I even care about this?

You may not think this is important because of many reasons. My guess is that you probably don’t care because you’re just so tired of it and you’ve had enough.

The way you do your job is important! The world runs off of this system of “Everybody works, for each other”. Think about it. Anything we do, is somehow linked to someone doing their job. If everyone had great work ethic, there would be more positivity going around, and it’s even safe to argue that society would even be less stressed! In short, you should care because it helps other people.

One of the more obvious reasons why we work, is so that we can make a living. We work so we can have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, and food on our tables. Others work for money, and for money only. Whatever the case may be, the better you work, the more your boss will appreciate you. The more your boss appreciates you, the higher your chance of getting a raise, a bigger bonus, or even less work!

Another big reason why you should care about your attitude towards your job, is because it will make your work more bearable. If you treat your job as a prison and something that you HAVE to do, then you definitely will not enjoy it. It would be easier to think of your job as a challenge to accomplish. Somewhat like a game! Games are all challenges and thats mostly why people like playing them. It feels good to accomplish something because it gives you proudness and boosts your confidence.

If you do something boring and tedious for work, try to challenge yourself by being more efficient and faster at it. If you are a student, challenge yourself by mastering the topic you’re studying, and become the best in the class!

Everyone (including yourself) benefits from a job well done. No matter how small or how big a job is, somebody has benefitted from it. Don’t under estimate your job. Everybody plays a role in how the world works.

Nobody works above and beyond, and doesn’t get anything out of it…

How do I improve?

Forget the fact you hate your job. If you really want to improve your work ethic, if you really want to improve your desire to work, then you have to change your mentality. You have to realize that there’s a purpose to what you’re doing. Maybe you don’t hate your job, maybe you simply hate the people you’re working with. No matter what it is, your thinking plays a big role in the way you see things.

You need to have a goal to work towards. A nice and solid goal is to be the best. Be better than your co-worker and outwork them! There’s nothing like some friendly competition! Don’t make it obvious and obnoxious that you want to be better than them. Simply use them as a comparison so you can keep track on how far you’ve gone. If anything, you will encourage them to also put in their full effort.

Be driven. It’s easy to cruise and get comfortable with what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. If you are driven, then you will stop at no distractions and will ultimately improve how you use your time and effort at work!

Believe in yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself then you won’t get anywhere! A huge part of your success is to believe you can get there. Coach Phil Jackson holds the record for most Championships won in the NBA as a Head Coach. His popular tactic he used with the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers, was to imagine them holding the trophy. He made the whole team lay down and close their eyes, and told them to imagine what winning feels like. Phil and the Lakers ended up winning the NBA Championships 3 years in a row (2000, 2001, & 2003).

Arguably the most important of all, Don’t give up! Of course it is easier said than done. You can be doing so good and you can be changing your work ethic for the better, but if you give up then all that would have gone to waste. Don’t give up. One thing that personally helps me in anything I need motivation in, are motivational videos on Youtube! Even talking it out to someone for advice or just to rant it out, can greatly help ease pressure off the stresses of work.

If you find your job boring, then bring in a new twist of how things are done. Change your environment. Small changes to your environment will make things seem new and it will give you a fresh feel.

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