Where to start improving yourself?

When it comes down to self improvement, it can seem to be a daunting task. After all, there are countless ways to accomplish this task. It can be like climbing a mountain. If someone pointed at you and said “get to the top of this mountain”, you will look up and think, “It’s so tall, which side do I start off from?”

Photo by: Harley Betts/Minden Pictures

You can ascend from any side of the mountain, just like how you can begin improving in any way you want. Here are a few ways to start your path in being a better person!

1) Be more nice!

Some find it hard to be nice while it comes naturally for others. If you find that you have to put forth effort to go the extra mile for someone, then this one is for you.

Small nice things matter. Don’t think that you need to do something big to be a nice person. You don’t have to treat someone out to be nice. Something as simple as a friendly smile is good enough! No talking needed, just a warm smile to show them that you are nice. Other small things to do include holding a door open for someone, a quick compliment, etc.

Credit by: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Corbis

You can also start being nice by NOT being mean. If you’re a person that sometimes ignores someone or is often taken the wrong way, then maybe its time to watch your words/actions. My own mother is one of those people, so I understand. She doesn’t mean to be mean, but her tone of voice when she talks says otherwise. One way to combat this is to simply control what you are going to say before you say it. Think before you speak, and you’re on your way to being more nice already!

2) Be smarter!

Knowledge is power. It’s safe to argue that the people that know the most are often in a desired position. What I mean by that is, most knowledgable people are unique. They come in the form of scientists, doctors, CEO’s, teachers, public speakers, and many many more. Another way to improve yourself is through knowledge! The human brain has a very high capacity for knowledge.

Photo by: Stanford Medicine/ Stanford University

How do you become smarter though? Do I have to read a book everyday or something? Although that would make you smarter in a faster way, it also takes the most effort. Thankfully, books don’t define how smart we are. We can be smart when it comes to something as simple as our actions. If we make the right decisions we can be considered smarter already! Finding a new skill will make you smarter, going to school, finding a hobby, etc. All those are some of the many ways to become more smart.

There is a difference between ‘street smart’ and ‘book smart’. Street smart is basically anything outside of school or books. How smart a person is when it comes to problems in everyday life. As for book smart, its vise versa. Anything pertaining to math, history, science, etc. is book smart.

3) Hone your skill!

This was briefly mentioned in #2 above, but hone your skill! By choosing something you are decent at, and making it your specialty, you will eventually master it! It is a great way to improve because you already know the basis of it and focusing on it will only make you better. Choose any skill and focus on making it your best. Once that is done, learn another skill. There are no limits to skills you can obtain.

Photo by: Fabien Thibault

Personally, I want to master my snowboarding skills until I’m satisfied. And after that, maybe I’ll take on water skiing! What do you think you would want to do?

4) Go to the gym!

Or, go to the park nearby and hit the outdoor gym! Improvement comes in all shapes in sizes, and sometimes that means literally. If you don’t like the way you look body wise, then take on the task of working out. It’s arguably harder to do since it’s so physical and since it takes a toll on your body. However, there are different ways to approach said goal.

It depends on how toned or buff you want your body but it’s a common misconception that you need to work out everyday. For a body builder, then yes, you need to work out at least 5 of the 7 days of the week. But if you want to just be skinnier or be more toned, then all that isn’t necessary.

Photo by: aworkoutroutine.com
(notice how it says, “This person will gain weight”)

Here’s a quick lesson. More calories means the more work you have to do to burn it. Although veggies and fruits are good and they will help, calories are what it comes down to. An example: If you eat 100 Apples, thats about 9,000 calories (a bit drastic I know). But if you eat 1 Large French Fries, thats only about 500 calories. You will lose weight if you eat 1 Large French Fries a day and nothing else, compared to eating a full 3 meals in a day.

I will have an article dedicated to improving your body later on, stay tuned!

Drop a comment if this was helpful! Let me know what you will work to improve on! 🙂


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